Millthorpe Artist, Ada Clark on Exhibition

Ada Clark: Hope, Colour Vitality

On exhibition at the Orange Regional Art Gallery, 5 February - 6 March 2022

Ada Clark’s vibrant gouache and oil paintings are emotional interpretations of the landscape through which she aims to offer hope, colour and vitality as antidotes to ‘darkness and depression.’

Since arriving in Millthorpe in 1994, Ada Clark has been working en plein air around the Central West, responding directly to shifts in light and season. Clark’s approach favours the distinctive Fauvist qualities of using bright emotive colours, simple shapes and painterly mark-making, inviting us to experience the landscapes of the region in a fresh and vital way.

Now in her 90s, Ada Clark has been working as an artist for nearly 60 years, and the Gallery is delighted to acknowledge her extraordinary contribution to the artistic life of the Central West.

Ada also has an art gallery located in Millthorpe, Ada's Place open on Saturdays. When you visit you can chat about art and enjoy homemade cake and coffee. Ada enjoys talking about art with people and sharing her experiences.

Ada Clark Exhibit